We work on different business law practices, either directly or through our specialist partners’ firms, focusing on the needs of insurance, reinsurance and pension plans market members.

  • incorporation of regulated companies (insurers, reinsurers, insurance & reinsurance brokerages, capitalization companies, health insurance companies, private pension companies and consortium companies), including obtaining the necessary approvals before the regulatory bodies and government agencies;
  • preparation and filing of regulated companies’ corporate acts before regulatory bodies and board of trade;
  • advice on regulatory, tax and exchange issues relating to foreign investments in companies regulated in Brazil;
  • follow up on incorporation, transfer of corporate control and restructuring procedures of insurance and private pension companies;
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • due diligence conduction on target companies for acquisition;
  • advice on acquisitions, consolidations, mergers, spin-off, joint ventures and divestitures of regulated companies;
  • advice on transfers of insurer’s portfolios;
Regulatory and products
  • creation, revision, development and negotiation of new insurance products (emphasizing Financial Lines products such as D&O, E&O, IMI, PFI, performance and completion bonds, among others), reinsurance and private pension products, including follow up for obtaining the relevant approvals before government agencies;
  • contact with the Superintendência de Seguros Privados – Susep (Brazilian insurance regulatory authority), Previc, ANS and the Central Bank of Brazil – Bacen;
  • Structuring of insurance transactions and loans with surety;
  • in-company training on new products and regulations relating to the insurance, reinsurance and private pension market;
  • legal advising on setting reserves based on lawsuits and administrative proceedings;
  • drafting of memoranda and legal opinions on insurance, reinsurance and private pension related matters;
  • due diligence in insurer’s claims department in order to verify the status of claims adjustment and relevant risk exposure;
  • legal advice on electronic law matters on procuring insurance policies and retirement plans;
  • following up on bills and regulations in the insurance field;
  • legal advice on intervention, liquidation or special management in regulated companies;
  • creation of corporate and operational structures to captive insurers for large corporative groups;
  • preparation and negotiation of pooling agreements;
  • legal advice on structuring of international insurance programs (DIC/DIL);
  • formatting and negotiation of facilities between insurance brokerages and insurers;
  • preparation and negotiation of insurance and reinsurance agreements;
  • preparation and negotiation of cooperation, coinsurance and bancassurance agreements;
  • legal advice on structuring and negotiation of sponsorship withdrawal projects, merger and demerger of benefit plans managed by pension funds;
  • legal advice on the investment rules set forth by the Brazilian Securities Commission and the National Monetary Council for insurance, reinsurance and private pension companies;
Insurance Claims
  • insurance claim adjustment, including implementation of measures for recovery of values;
  • preparation of memoranda and legal opinions related to various types of insurance claims;
  • legal advice to insurers in settling claims and interacting with parent companies located abroad and reinsurers;
  • legal advice on administrative disputes, arbitration procedures and lawsuits related to insurance, reinsurance, private pension and premium saving bonds companies;
  • legal advice on actions for recovery under insurers’ and reinsurers’ subrogation rights (including collateral enforcement);
Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • legal advice to regulated companies on protection of their intellectual and industrial property rights;